Welcome to Austin Biofeedback and EEG Neurofeedback Center

We have proudly served Austin and Central Texas since 1981

We help clients each day respond to many conditions including: anxiety, migraines, depression, ADHD and other learning disorders, chronic pain, stress, PTSD, and performance enhancement. We welcome inquiries at (512) 794-9355.

Covid-19 Update: We are now open and seeing both new and current clients. We thank you for your patience as we waited to re-open under safer conditions. We have deep-cleaned the clinic and have CDC recommended protocols in place for staff and clients. Your health and safety are our #1 concern.

The pandemic has affected all of us in many ways. At the Austin Biofeedback and EEG Neurotherapy Center, we want for you to know that Lynda, Jennifer, Sandy, and Gerry are here to help you through these challenging times of both COVID-19 and social unrest. Mental health and well-being are crucial during times of stress, isolation, and uncertainty.

As licensed psychotherapists as well as board-certified Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Neurotherapy clinicians, we are available to work with you with many stress management and trauma therapy “tools” that can help you more effectively deal with anxiety, stress-reactivity and uncertainty. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email us at office@austinbiofeedback.com or call us at 512-794-9355. All calls will be returned.

Introducing our Four Key Services

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are one of the most experienced EEG Neurofeedback and Biofeedback clinics in the US, helping our clients meet their goals since 1981. Our four licensed therapists have combined clinical experience in neurofeedback and biofeedback of 93 years!
  • Our neuro/biofeedback therapists are all licensed mental health care providers in the state of Texas, and are also BCIA board-certified in neurofeedback and biofeedback. BCIA is the nation’s oldest, most respected professional certification board for biofeedback and neurofeedback, with strict requirements for education, experience, and board examinations to reach certification status. Some clinicians are only “certified” by the manufacturers of the equipment/software that they use, and some are not licensed to treat mental health diagnoses at all.
  • Our technology is state of the art. We are advanced practitioners in the use of multiple kinds of neurotherapy and biofeedback equipment, including traditional surface EEG neurofeedback, swLORETA live z-score training (whole brain neurofeedback), High Performance Neurofeedback (sometimes called “microcurrent” or “low energy” neurofeedback), NeuroField pEMF and tACS, Vie-light photobiomodulation, heart rate variability training, and more! Rest assured, we have a lot of “tools” to choose from.
  • Neurofeedback and Biofeedback are not “one size fits all” therapies. As such, we never use “canned” protocols. Our training plans are highly individualized and customized for each individual that we work with. We do not use the exact same protocol or equipment/software system with every client who comes in. We make decisions based on our clinical expertise and customize the program to fit the client’s needs and goals. We have a variety of equipment available to meet those needs, and our licensure means that other therapeutic interventions like psychotherapy are available too.
  • We love what we do! It is our great honor to apply our passion for mind-body technologies to helping our clients meet their goals. We take pride in our outcomes, and have thrived for almost 40 years as a word-of-mouth referral business. We look forward to helping you on the path to change.

Welcome to Austin Biofeedback
EEG Neurofeedback Center

Since 1981, in consultation with their physicians when necessary, the Center has provided safe, effective services to help individuals overcome concerns ranging from migraines to anxiety and depression; for educational concerns such as ADHD and learning disorders; for professional performance concerns such as poor memory, distractibility or the effects of stress overload; and for enhanced athletic performance.

We offer unrivaled experience and technical expertise along with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art set of therapeutic tools to help you and your family reach your health and performance goals.

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