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Our Founder

Lynda Kirk

Lynda Kirk, MA, LPC, BCB, BCN

Founder and Executive Director

BCIA-Senior Fellow

Q-EEG Diplomate

Texas Licensed Psychotherapist

Lynda is our Founder (1981) and Clinical Director. She’s an international authority on the clinical applications of EEG neurofeedback, peripheral biofeedback and psychophysiology. Honored by her professional peers, Lynda was elected President of both the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) and the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR), the two major international professional and research organizations in her field. She is also a former President of the Biofeedback Society of Texas.

Lynda is an accomplished licensed psychotherapist, and is a Senior Fellow of the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA), holding professional certifications in the fields of clinical neurofeedback, biofeedback and psychophysiology. She is a member of a select group of health care professionals nationally who have received diplomate certification in the field of quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG), often called “brain mapping”.

In addition to being a pioneer in the development and integration of the clinical applications of these dynamic technologies, Lynda is also an expert in practice ethics, having served on the ethics committees of her state and national biofeedback associations. She helped develop the professional EEG certification guidelines for the BCIA. In 2001, she was heavily involved in helping pass Texas House Bill 1676, the first state law in the U.S. mandating insurance coverage of EEG neurofeedback for brain injury victims.

Lynda is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Texas and has been recognized for her achievements by Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World. In 1985 she was selected Notable Woman of Texas. She has served as President of the Biofeedback Society of Texas and was the first woman to be elected president of the South Austin Civic Association. She is a former Peace Corps volunteer (West Africa).

In addition to her focus on clinical applications for a broad range of physical, emotional and developmental conditions, Lynda is also an expert in the performance enhancement applications of EEG neurotherapy and biofeedback. Over the past thirty-five years, Lynda and her team have successfully trained professional and Olympic athletes, Grammy award winning musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers, as well as performance conscious individuals from all walks of life.

Lynda has presented hundreds of seminars for corporations and organizations such as IBM, Apple, Lockheed, Texas Medical Association, Hospital Corporation of America, the State Bar of Texas, and many others. She has presented at conferences and symposia both nationally and internationally. Lynda continues to dedicate her life to sharing her extensive knowledge and experience in mind-body self-regulation with colleagues and clients around the world in order to empower people to attain optimal health and performance.

Jennifer Schriever, MA, LPC, BCB, BCN

Clinical Director

BCIA-Associate Fellow

Texas Licensed Psychotherapist

Jennifer has been an important member of the Austin Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Center professional team for twenty-nine years. She’s a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she majored in Psychology with a focus in Neuroscience, and minored in Biology. She earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling at St. Edwards University, where she was honored to be the recipient of a prestigious Presidential Fellowship. She is BCIA board-certified in both Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Her clinical expertise includes the use of multi-modal biofeedback, neurofeedback therapy, and psychotherapy in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, migraine and chronic pain issues, learning and attention disorders, PTSD and developmental trauma, and the use of integrative therapies for peak performance in the performing arts and athletics. She is equally effective and in demand for helping children, adolescents, and adults in these areas and more.

In addition to her expertise and experience in the clinical applications of both EEG neurofeedback and biofeedback, Jennifer is also a qualified and compassionate psychotherapist. Her extensive background in both neurobiology and psychology along with the ability to integrate her knowledge in both areas (for mind-body applications) is an additional asset for those seeking a qualified clinician.

Jennifer has helped to develop and present workshops on "Integrative Therapies" for local professional organizations as well as the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe. In addition, Jennifer developed the Austin Biofeedback Center’s Positive Pregnancies Program, an integrative peak-performance program for expecting mothers. She is currently serving as a board member for the Biofeedback Society of Texas.

Jennifer Schriever

Sandy Wood

Sandy Wood, MA, LPC, BCN


Texas Licensed Psychotherapist

Sandy has been a valued member of the clinical team at Austin Biofeedback and EEG Neurofeedback Center since 2006. She is board certified in Neurofeedback and a licensed professional counselor specializing in Psychophysiology. Sandy holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from St. Edwards University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a focus in Physiology, Biology and Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. From an early age she had an interest in the health sciences, attending the first magnet high school in the United States, The High School for Health Professions.

Sandy’s clinical interests include all aspects of peripheral biofeedback as well as EEG Neurofeedback and neurotherapies including HPN (High Performance Neurofeedback), NeuroField pEMF, tACS, tDCS. These therapeutic modalities allow Sandy to address mental health challeges, ADHD, anxiety and peak performance goals.

Sandy is a competitive golfer and active children’s mentor for the First Tee and USGA Girls Golf Programs. These programs focus on teaching children life skills through the game of golf. Her extensive skill set allows her to work effectively with both children and adults. By combining psychotherapeutic techniques and neurofeedback, she helps her clients efficiently reached their goals and improve performance in all aspects of life.

Gerry Schriever, MA, LPC

Texas Licensed Psychotherapist

Gerry is easy-going and laid-back, while also being very responsive to clients’ needs. Gerry graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling from St. Edward’s University, and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas. Gerry’s first career as an architectural woodworker prepared him well for his second career as a therapist. He is excellent at looking at the big picture, and figuring out how all the pieces fit together to craft a well-formed treatment plan for his clients. When he is not in the clinic helping others, he is often out on the water of our Texas lakes, rivers, and coast with fly rod in hand, or at the helm of his BBQ pit.

As a former competitive swimmer, BMX racer, and avid snowboarder, Gerry has a special interest in, and is experienced working with athletes and performers of all kinds who are seeking peak performance training at our clinic. He is also experienced and effective working with ADHD, Anxiety/Depression, Chronic Pain, and Trauma, and works well with clients of all ages.

Gerry Schriever

Melonie Mitchell

Melonie Mitchell

Mel is our awesome front office administrator, and the helpful, cheerful point of contact that you will have with the Austin Biofeedback and EEG Neurotherapy Center. She brings many years of customer service and office experience to our clinic. She is a positive and friendly person, and we are so pleased that Mel is a member of our Austin Biofeedback Center family.

Outside of the clinic, Mel enjoys exploring Austin’s unique shops, dog parks, art galleries, and fun venues. She is also an accomplished songwriter and performer. Her dog Jack says he’s her #1 fan!

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