Peak Performance

Our proven therapies can do more than help people cope with various conditions. They also enhance performance where creativity and mental processing are important. We help athletes, musicians, artists, and diverse business professionals.

There are many examples of individuals and groups using EEG neurofeedback and biofeedback to enhance their performance in the business world and on competitive athletic fields. One example is a report about Italy’s national soccer team using EEG neurofeedback as a secret tool in their successful quest for the 2006 World Cup Championship. We have the latest technology and high levels of competence in using these tools to help our individual clients.

Diverse business professionals benefiting from EEG neurofeedback and biofeedback include senior executives, mid-level managers, sales team members, and professionals working in operations, finance, research, development, and other key areas. The same technologies and methods also help athletes of all levels, musicians, visual artists, and even scientists. Almost everyone can benefit from tools that enhance their creativity and day to day performance.

Optimal performance includes many components including our intellect, cognitive abilities, sense of emotional harmony, prevailing attitude, and personal motivation. The amazing thing is each of us can enhance our performance regardless of our starting point. We are inspired to work with our diverse clients to help them achieve their specific goals.

  • Max’s dad.
    Max has gone from a dyslexia diagnosis to reading the first book in the Harry Potter series in less than a year. We are very grateful for the support we received at Austin Biofeedback.
    Max’s dad.